Good Legal Firm created seven unique,

innovative programs of representation.

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Good Legal Firm created seven unique, innovative programs of representation. Each program has an individualized Family Action Plan that describes the goals of representation, the action steps for the family and the action steps for our firm during the representation.


Good Legal Firm Representation Fees are just as unique. We designed a Representation Fee system that reduces concerns about ongoing fees and costs, so your family can concentrate on its case. Good Legal Firm does not bill by the hour, but instead charges Representation Fees that cover a specific time and includes most costs and expenses of representation normally billed to the client.


Child Protective Services Investigations: Child protective services can appear at any stage in a family’s life. We consult with families where child protective services intervened, but the child are not removed. Good Legal Firm designed a detailed consultation program to serve the needs of families who may be exposed to issues regarding child protective services, but do not need or do not yet need full legal representation under our other signature representations.


Dependency Cases: A child/children being removed from a family and placed into foster care is one of the most frightening, stressful and foreign situations facing a family. The first legal hearing is held in Juvenile Court within 72 Hours of the child being removed and therefore, the family must work fast to obtain competent representation. We meet with the family immediately and if the family chooses, at their home. We have extensive experience in working under the short timelines in child abuse and neglect cases. And we strive to resolve each case quickly.


Often a child is unable to immediately return to his or her parents. Therefore, we work with families to quickly place the child with family or family friends to maintain the child’s or children’s stability and reduce the stress of foster care on a child.


This can be a slow and aggravating process when the family relies upon the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) to place with family. But, you do not have to. There are numerous legal roads for family willing to be temporary and permanent placements.

Child Abuse Registry Hearings: A Child Abuse Registry Hearing is where a parent receives a Notice of Inclusion that their name is being placed on the Child Abuse Registry. The parent has ten (10) days to file an appeal for a hearing on the issue. This law as enacted in July of 2016 and since then Good Legal Firm has represented numerous families in these hearings. It is important to have an attorney who is familiar with these hearings and the law and policies that regulate not just the Child Abuse Registry, but the Office of State Administrative Hearings.


Child Abuse and Neglect Appeals Attorney Consultations: Good Legal Firm consults with attorneys in Georgia and nationwide on child abuse and neglect cases. If you are an attorney or you have an attorney who would benefit from our consultation on child abuse and neglect cases, please contact us. We are always available to advise attorneys who reach out to us to increase their knowledge of child abuse and neglect cases. We are also available to serve as co-counsel in Georgia or by association nationwide.


Testimony in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases: From Darice’s Curriculum Vitae her knowledge of Child Abuse and Neglect Cases is expansive.  Darice has testified as a Guardian Ad Litem in at least a dozen cases. She is educated on state and federal laws in dependency cases.  Darice has in-depth knowledge of the procedures and rules of Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). If you need a witness to lay the foundation of how CPS and DFCS should work in conjunction with state and federal laws, Darice is that person.


Criminal Child Abuse and Neglect Cases: Defending clients in child abuse and neglect cases is one of the toughest areas of criminal defense. Darice is an experienced criminal defense lawyer having tried over two dozen jury trials, including murder and rape. But, most importantly, Darice has extensive knowledge of the use of psychological evaluations, medical reports from child abuse pediatricians, forensic interviews and assessments, child therapy, child brain development, child behavioral development, child linguistics and family dynamics in child physical, medical and sexual abuse cases in criminal cases. It is vital to know the law and the science behind allegations of child abuse and neglect.


Child Abuse and Neglect Appeals: Darice has practiced in the appellate courts since 2006. She has argued before the Supreme Court of Georgia where she had a murder conviction overturned. Most of the cases Darice appealed are in child abuse and neglect cases. She is familiar with the rules of the appellate courts and the expectations of the appellate courts.