Darice’s first love was Broadway Musicals, but she lacked talent. Luckily, she applied it to her other first love – the law. Her mantra is "Defy Gravity" from the musical Wicked. She strives every day to Defy Gravity in the firm with personalized family resolutions to legal issues. Don’t be surprised if the theory of your family’s case is somehow linked to a Broadway Musical!


Darice brings energy and specialized knowledge to each of her families. From 2010 to 2016, she was a certified National Child Welfare Law Specialist (re-certification in progress). She is a member of the Georgia Supreme Court Committee on Justice for Children and the Steering Committee for the National Parents Representation Project of the Children and Law Center at the American Bar Association. Darice also co-authored the adjudication (trial) chapter of the first National Parents Representation book. Lastly, she is a member of the Georgia Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) Panel.”


Her dedication and joy in the practice of

juvenile law is evident when you meet and

work with her. Darice was voted the 2015

Georgia Juvenile Attorney of the Year.

In 2014, She was honored with the Shining Star by the Multi-Alliance Agency for Children. She serves as a pre-tempore judge for Juvenile Court of Fulton County and teaches to juvenile attorneys nationwide.


When Darice first stepped into juvenile court, she knew she found her legal home. Darice is proud to represent families in juvenile court and is ready to help your family navigate her home.

Defy Gravity!

Add a Specialist to Your Defense Team.

Colleen is our exceptional Manager of Client Care. Colleen has a magic touch when it comes to caring for your family’s stress and worries. But, do not worry, she also has the heart of a champion boxer when it comes to fighting for what your family needs.


Colleen provides support and locates services for our families. She keeps our families organized and informed. Colleen’s experience includes being a mother to three wonderful children, educated as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), training in child welfare, and the pursuit of her nursing degree. She is a valuable resource to our families by helping them with parenting, health, and educational issues. (Make sure to ask her about treating poison ivy.)


Colleen is also pursuing her certification as a Family Life Coach and will train our Family Navigators. Family Navigators previously went through the juvenile law system and will provide additional support to our families currently going through the system.


Colleen presented to the 2013, Region IV

Parents Attorney Forum of the National

Parents Representation Project of the

Children’s Center on Law of the ABA, and

taught at the 2014 Georgia Youth Law Conference, the 4th Annual ABA’s National Parent Attorneys Conference, and the 16th Annual ABA’s National Conference on Children and the Law.


Colleen’s love for this work stems from her incredible love of our own family and desire to strengthen families. Colleen is here and ready to welcome you into our family.


A Magic Touch.


Click here to download her curriculum vitae.

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Click here to download her curriculum vitae.

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