Good Legal Firm created five unique,

innovative programs of representation.

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Good Legal Firm created five unique, innovative programs of representation. Except our consultation program, each program has an individualized family/client action plan that walks the client through each step of the representation. Clients will receive an organizer specifically created for their case. At our welcome meeting, clients receive a detailed description and timeline of our representation.

Each welcome meeting will begin with what the clients want out of the representation and the action plan is designed to the best of our ability to meet that outcome.


Good Legal Firm retainer fees are just as unique. We designed a retainer fee system that reduces concerns about ongoing fees and costs, so you can concentrate on your case. Good Legal Firm does not bill by the hour, but instead charges retainer fees that cover a specific time period and includes most costs and expenses of representation normally billed to the client.


Clients will receive a detailed outline of the retainer fee, including the costs and expenses covered by the retainer fee after reviewing our detailed signature representation letter.


Please contact us by email or telephone to receive more information about our signature representations. We look forward to working with your family.


Welcome to Good Legal Firm. Please check back often as we will continue to add to our signature representations to better protect your home and  family.


“Five Steps to Protect and Keep Your Family Together”


A child being removed from a family and placed into foster care is one of the most frightening, stressful and foreign situations facing a family. Darice is a nationally certified Child Welfare Specialist and is one of the best attorneys in child abuse and neglect law in Georgia and across the country. The first legal hearing is held in Juvenile Court within 72 Hours of the child being removed and therefore, the family must work fast to obtain competent representation. Our five step program is designed to provide you with a personalized family action plan and a family organizer that guides you through the plan, our representation, and keeps you informed on all aspects of your case.


“It Takes a Village;
The Roads to Keep Children with Family”


Often times, a child is unable to immediately return to his or her parents. The next best option is for family (including friends) to serve as a placement/custodian to maintain the child’s stability, continuity and reduce the stress of foster care on a child. This can be a slow and aggravating process when the family relies upon the Department of Family and Children Services to approve the home and place the child. But, you do not have to. There are numerous legal roads for family willing to be temporary and permanent placements.


Good Legal Firm works quickly to move children from foster homes to family homes. We craft a family action plan that includes all roads of temporary and permanent placement/custody of the child. We weigh the pros and cons of each road. Depending on how we decide to proceed, we may pursue all roads together or respectively depending upon which road will expedite the child’s placement with family.

 “A Responsible Plan to Defend Your Child.”


When a child is charged with a crime (delinquency), Good Legal Firm and the family must balance two distinct responsibilities.  First, is that the child has competent representation to ensure the child’s legal due process despite guilt or innocence.  Second, is that the child understands and takes responsibility for their actions to prevent future juvenile court intervention.


Over the years, Darice perfected this balance for her clients. Good Legal Firm’s client action plan is tailored to address the child’s legal needs, while allowing the parent to continue to be responsible in guiding their child through the rights and wrongs of life.


“Add a Specialist; A Simple Plan
to Improve the Defense of Your Client.”


Representing clients in crimes against children cases is one of the toughest areas of criminal defense. You face a difficult representation, stigma from the public, family and friends no matter your client’s guilt or innocence and the added burden of not only knowing criminal law, but the psychological and medical knowledge particular to a crimes involving children.


Darice is an experienced criminal defense lawyer having tried over two dozen jury trials, including murder and rape. But, most importantly, Darice is a National Child Welfare Law Specialist. A specialist who has extensive knowledge of the use of psychological evaluations, medical reports from child abuse pediatricians, forensic interviews and assessments, child therapy, child brain development, child behavioral development, child linguistics (which is more than knowing how to interview and cross exam a child), and family dynamics in child physical, medical and sexual abuse cases.


Darice has a national network of experts in every field of child medicine and psychology to consult in your client’s case. Good Legal Firm is available to represent clients in Georgia and as pro hac vice counsel nationwide.


“The Essentials of Child Protective Services”


Child protective services can appear at any stage in a family’s life. Good Legal Firm designed a detailed consultation program to serve the needs of families and attorneys who may be exposed to issues regarding child protective services, but do not need or do not yet need full legal representation under our other signature representations.


We consult with families where child protective services intervened, but the child has not been removed. And, we consult with family law and criminal defense attorneys who are representing a client where child protective services or the Department of Family and Children Services is involved in the case.